Chanel's measurements

height: 5'7
shoulders: 112cm
bust: 102cm
arm: 58cm
hips: 108cm
thigh: 98cm
leg length: 97cm
So let's get down to the important part... Size.
A brief run down of my body,  I'm not your "perfect" model body shape. I have a sporty build with a big bust. My body produces muscle quite easily which makes posing in front of the camera not always delightful. From head to toe I stand 176cm tall. I carry a DD size chest, sometimes an E. I have a small waist which makes me look like I have hips, but really I have no hips.
Never the less I absolutely love my body, I feel powerful, capable and beautiful and I enjoy having a little belly, personally i think its cute.
My own wardrobe can range from a size 8 to size L. My mum was a designer and has passed on some handy skills at judging a garments size if no tag is present on a garment. So i will normally tell you the tag size unless I personally think the item is bigger or small than the tag suggests or if there isn't a tag.
Hopefully that's help you understand my body type a little more and when seeing me in a garment you can judge for yourself if its going to fit.
No matter what shape or size you are, confidence... is key.